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  • 04/14/16--05:54: ABOUT SUMMER INTERNSHIPS
  • hi guys. Heart im mrunalini studying cancer biotech in chennai. i wanna know about summer interships in india Smile

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    I'm writing an essay on human genetic engineering and wanted to add a comedic but informative part at the end of my essay so I want to address the impact it might have on sports. What kind of impact....title. Both pros and cons please.

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    I got an AIR of 84 in GATE 2016 (BT). How and what should I prepare for written/interview at IIT-M for MS ® programme ?

    Secondly, my interview dates for IIT-Bombay (M. Tech in BE) and IIT-Kanpur (M. Tech. in Biological Sciences) are clashing. Which institute shall I choose and why and preparation tips for the same (written and interview).
    P.S. It would be really helpful if data related to number of intakes (seats) and any other thing (differences) for II-B and IIT-K are provided.

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    Sir I am in class 11 I Have opted for physics chemistry biology and maths. I am confused weather pcm is better or pcb for biotechnology. I mean which one has the better scope.

    Waiting for your reply

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  • 04/25/16--09:09: career
  • Hai, my name is gopika. im a biotechnology graduate. nw im confused thinking what i will pursue for masters. im not interested in research field. so is there any other option which i can go for where im not forced to do a research work. thank you.

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    Hello everyone...
    can anyone help me regarding the admissions to CSIR LABS for mtech n phd courses...i mean whats the procedure to i ve to apply to each individual lab separately or Acsir covers evry lab...m really cnfused...
    infact which labs offers courses relevent to biotech...
    any info will be really helpful..

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    I am a final year M.Sc. student of Calcutta university pursuing my masters in Biotechnology. I have qualified for GATE this year in Biotech paper with an AIR of 252 and GATE score of 550. I had made up my mind to pursue M.Tech after M.Sc. ; but sadly my rank was not that great in GATE 2016. I had sorted out and wish to apply in any of the three courses in different IITs and NITs which are Environmental Engineering in IIT Delhi, Kanpur and NIT Surathkal, Bioprocess engineering in IIT Roorkee and Industrial Biotech in NIT Surathkal. Sadly, I did not meet the gate cutoff criteria in IITD and IITK. So now my choice is between bioprocess engg in IITR and Industrial Biotech/ Environmental engg in NIT Surathkal.

    My main motive behind this decision was to obtain high class teaching and interactive sessions in the above stated top class institutes, excel in my subject and opt for a proper placement.

    I just wanted to know which amongst these subjects I have chosen, is the one with better future prospects and whether these institutes provide good placements to eligible students.

    Ronit Bose

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  • 05/06/16--04:40: CCMT Counselling 2016
  • There are four NIT which are offering M.Tech Biotechnology:
    2. Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal 
    3. National Institute of Technology Durgapur 
    4. National Institute of Technology, Rourkela 
    My GATE score is 573. Plz help me which NIT should I preferred first?

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  • 05/09/16--07:16: MAb production with peptide
  • Has anyone ever tried to produce MAb with a peptide (20 a.a sequence) with FCA adjuvant alone, without any carrier protein. Does it work, If so could you direct me to a paper?

    the other group tried KLH conjugate. I'am trying without carrier protein with adjuvant, I don't see nice titer values. Is this even a feasible approach. 

    people had a problem with carrier that antibodies were raised against the carrier and very low against desired epitope. Is there any paper that worked out peptide without carrier. I see in every book they mention associating with carrier protein .

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  • 05/15/16--03:53: Graduate admissions
  • I am in my final year of B.Tech. Industrial Biotechnology at Anna University, Chennai (final CGPA will be around 8.5/10). I have cleared GATE BT with a percentile of 92.78. My GRE score is 320 (Quantitative-159, Verbal-161). I have also cleared TOEFL ibt with a score of 116/120. I have not published any research papers or attended any conferences but I have a passion for research. Are there any specific universities that I have a good chance of getting into with these scores if I apply now (preferably Ph.D.)? I am looking to get admission by January 2017, at the latest.

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    One of the principle complaints of the anti-GMO crowd is that genetic engineering lines the pockets of mega-corporations rather than individual consumers. Well, what about if everyone was able to own shares in the companies working with this technology? Then we could turn the general public into evangelists for the technology and enthusiastic consumers of the resulting products.

    That's the idea behind my company opening up it's seed round to the general public.

    I'd love to know what this community thinks of this idea. Can it work?

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    Hi Sunil Sir,

    First of all, my heartiest thanks to you for providing such accurate guidance in this forum. It fills us with positivity in terms of our future carrier. I completed my B.Sc (hons.)in Microbiology in Scottish Church College under Calcutta University. I am planning to pursue an M.Sc in either microbiology or biotechnology .I gave JAM this year but couldn't rank well due to lack of preparation (AIR 663). I also sat for JNU CEEB and hoping for better result. I have other exams lined up  for admission in Pondicherry Univ, BHU, VIT, Pune University and few others in Calcutta (Jadavpur, Calcutta university, Bose institute, St.Xaviers). For future, I want to work in a Biotech Company but my larger goal is teaching which i want to continue after working for few years. Now ,my first doubt is what should be my first preference for preparation-NET or GATE? If I opt for GATE, then how many more years will it take to complete Ph.D after M.Tech? And another doubt which I have is whether studying in Calcutta will affect my future result (as outside, I heard, there are better scope)?. I would prefer studying here because I can pay better attention to the competitive exams as well. What would you suggest?

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    How to increase the frequency of mutation by using GeneMorph II Random Mutagenesis Kits (Error prone PCR/directed evolution)? 
    Is there any conventional methods to introduce mutation in lipase gene to make it thermostable? 
    Any effective protocols for gene cloning and transformation after Error prone PCR?

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    How to increase the frequency of mutation by using GeneMorph II Random Mutagenesis Kits (Error prone PCR/directed evolution)? 
    Is there any conventional methods to introduce mutation in lipase gene to make it thermostable? 
    Any effective protocols for gene cloning and transformation after Error prone PCR? Shy

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  • 05/25/16--14:29: PLZ HELP ME
  • I Am a student from kerala. paseed 12 th with 80% mark. i'm intrested in biology. im trying to do in biotecnolgy. plz help nd advise me. i want to knw abt evrything related to it. i want to knw abt the career , job oppurtunities and colleges.plx help me

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  • 05/28/16--13:07: Questions about your job!
  • Hi everyone,

    I am an applicant of the Second Career program here in Ontario Canada and I have some very simple questions for you all regarding your work environment. I am Hoping to enter into a Biotech program and as part of my application I require some occupational information, so please if you have the time, feel free to share your answers to these questions.

    Succinct answers to the following would be very appreciated. Please also leave your name and country if possible.


    1: What background is required for someone starting in this occupation?

    2: What are the starting rates of pay, and what is the pay level for a fully experienced person?

    3:What are the working conditions? (Noisy, dust fumes, heat, cold, inside work, outside work, etc.)

    4:Is the work seasonal; are there regular lay offs in this occupation?

    5:What are the physical requirements of the job? (lifting, Sitting, Bending, standing, etc.)

    6:What are the positive and negative aspects of this occupation?

    7:What type of education (courses/ schools) and training do employers require of applicants for this occupation?

    8:What is the future employment outlook for this occupation?

    9:What employers could I contact about job openings after I have completed my eductation?

    Thank you all very much for your time!

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  • 05/29/16--11:04: biotechnology
  • Dear Sir
    I have a question regarding my career in the field of biotechnology. My Qualifications are:
    10th grade : 7.4 CGPA
    12th grade : 69.8%
    (with PCB)
    Current Studies : Bsc (Hons) Biotechnology (completed 1st year in 2016)
    DAV College, Chandigarh
    I want to pursue my career in the field of Biotechnology (MS) but outside India. I belong to a Middle class family so would like to opt for scholarships (if available). Kindly let me know these few things:
    1) Whether Bsc (hons) Biotechnology from India has a proper value in abroad or not, as I've been told by many of my friends that bachelors degree of India has no value in abroad (especially Canada , US, UK, Australia).
    2) Which Universities are the Best ones?
    3) Which field in Biotechnology should I pursue in ? ( like : environment biotech , etc)
    4) And if not in abroad, what are the exams and Best reputed Colleges or Universities to opt for?
    5) Career in India?
    6) How much money in all ( including tuition fees, living expenses) would be required for studying abroad?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank You

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    Hello.. sir I want to know that is there any jobs in foreign countries apart from usa after competing bsc or Msc in biotechnology. If any I would like to know the procedure to apply for it and the major Biotech companies related to it.
    And which msc programme should I choose, which is more demanding and best after completing bsc in biotechnology, so that I can get a foreign job.

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  • 05/30/16--12:17: HI, I am new to this Forum
  • Hi, My name is Josh and I'm new to this forum. Basically I'm from mumbai and sole reason to join this forum is to learn about new opportunities and also gain some knowledge.

    Thanks Angel

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  • 05/31/16--20:31: reg job
  • I have done my in biosciences with specialisation in biotechnology,what kind of jobs can I opt for to get into a pharma company

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